Boost your memory and improve your ability to remember information

IIRC leverages AI to enhance information recall by up to 95%, guiding you through effective techniques such as quizzes, summarization, and mnemonics.

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Copy the information over

Copy text from ChatGPT, share a website, or extract content from any source.

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Pick your recall level

Select the level at which you want to enhance your memory: 50%, 75%, 90%, or 95%.

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AI generated techniques

Embrace the techniques generated by our AI to enhance your memory recall. Techniques encompass quizzes, summarization, and mnemonics.

IIRC stands for
If I Recall Correctly

If you've ever found yourself unable to contribute to conversations with friends because you can't remember details about a topic, IIRC is here to assist.

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“ I've incorporated IIRC into my daily routine. Whenever I come across a story or news that I want to remember, I simply open the app and follow the instructions. It only takes 3 minutes, and I can now easily recall the information. ”

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If you use ChatGPT to find out facts

Simply copy the text and paste it into the IIRC app. Our AI will then provide a set of straightforward steps for you to follow, enhancing your ability to recall information.

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“ This app transformed my memory! Simple input, powerful AI techniques—now I remember details effortlessly. A must-have for a sharper mind! ”
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Boost your memory in minutes

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  • Quizzes
  • Summarization
  • Rehearsal
  • Mnemonics
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  • Spaces Repetition
  • Periodic Reminders
  • History

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Here is how it works


Download the app

And simply share any website from your browser, kicking off your recall journey.


Boost your recall

Complete the guided step by step process and improve your recall by up to 95%.


Put an end to forgetfulness, begin remembering

Next time you are chatting to your friend you'll remember what you read about!

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Put an end to forgetfulness, begin remembering